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Library Chair Work table or tea caddy Humidor
Bonheur du jour desk Satinwood Desk Breakfast Table
Serving tray Pembroke Tables Break Front
Hunt Board Secretary Tea Table

This furniture is shown not for sale but to illustrate the beautiful figure of satinwood.

Library chair made out of solid bee's wing and ribbon-striped satinwood.  One of the most unusual and utilitarian pieces ever conceived.  A miraculous idea from the golden age of English furniture.

Bonheur du jour desk out of solid and veneered satinwood.  Notice the satinwood grain.

Serving tray out of mahogany, inlaid with a shell motif.  The ends are carved with standard shells. The corners radiating out from them are carved to resemble crab claws.  The top is profusely inlaid with nautilus and other versions of shells all engraved to show depth.

Hunt board in mahogany banded with satin and legs inlaid in satin.  No finer contrast for different woods.  As fancy a hunt board as has ever been made.

Work table or tea caddy out of mahogany banded with satinwood.  The legs are inlaid with satinwood and ebony with lion paw castors.  Fluted mahogany pedestal.

Desk made of veneered and solid satinwood.  Still under construction but one can see the beautiful figure of satinwood.  The top is profusely inlaid with rosewood with satinwood ovals in each section.

Pembroke tables inlaid with satinwood ovals and banded by satinwood.  Beautiful contrast.

Secretary in solid and veneered satinwood.  All drawers book matched.  There are thirty-two secret compartments in this beauty.

Also shown are a satinwood humidor, small breakfast table with tilting top, a beautiful mahogony break front display case, and a carved mahogany tea table.

Furniture makers:  satinwood is available in both bee's wing and ribbon stripe.

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