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Six of the most decorated cues ever made are also available.  The cues are made of satinwood and will be sold in pairs with in their custom satinwood cases.

The light brown case has two highly-inlaid cues with three unified designs utilizing abalone and mother-of-pearl inlays.  There are 290 different pieces of pearl and abalone hand inlaid in figured satinwood on the first cue, and 390 on the second.  All the rings that separate the connections are of gold.  The top ends are of detachable ivory.

The second set is is inlaid with gold mother-of-pearl and golden abalone.  It has 345 different inlays.  The other is inlaid with gold, mother-of-pearl, puau abalone and silver.  It has in the center section six miniature pool tables of mother-of-pearl complete with sight marks, ball rack and cue all in gold.  It contains 498 different hand inlaid pieces.  All tops are of detachable ivory.

The last set consists of two encased solid ivory cues inlaid with gold pearl and clear red abalone.  One has 84 different hand inlays.  The other has 129 different hand inlaid pieces.  All rings around the connectors are of gold and silver for both cues.

Prices on request.

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